Jan 7, 2011

Instaflex Price

How Much Does Instaflex Cost?

The standard retail price for Instaflex is $69.95.

While this may be slightly more than some competitors, from my experience, it’s definitely worth it to pay a little more to buy Instaflex.  The secret to Instaflex’s success is that they have the most robust formula to combat joint issues.

While most joint support supplements usually have the main one or two ingredients (usually just MSM or glucosamine), Instaflex is the only supplement that combines 8 proven joint relief ingredients into its formula.  The benefits you get from this combination therapy far outweighs the few extra dollars you’d pay for other joint support supplements.

Instaflex Trial Program

If you’re unsure if you want to pay that price upfront like me, Instaflex offers a trial program, where you sign up and get a 14 day sample.  During the 14 days, if you decide that Instaflex isn’t right for you, simply call their customer service and tell them you’d like to be removed from the program.  But if you find Instaflex helpful like I did, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive a month’s supply for the standard retail price every month that you choose to be on the program.

This can be a serious convenience for those of you who hate to have to go to the store every month or repeat the order process every month.  This way, you’ll never have to run out and go days with out your joint support supplements.


  • Please send me the sample of Instaflex joint support (articulatio genus)

  • i live here in philippines, and i’m interested with this instaflex. where can i buy this product? is there any drugstore outlet here in philippines? specially in visayas or mindanao? how can i avail your promos 14 day trial if this instaflex? how can i recieve the sample? thank you.

  • Is instaflez available In G.N>C. stores?

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