Jan 17, 2011

Instaflex Ingredients

What Really Makes Instaflex a Great Product?

So you may or may not have heard all the hype about Instaflex, but what it all comes down to is the ingredients.  Does Instaflex’s formula have all the key ingredients for joint relief, and is it unique enough to separate itself from other brands?  I’m going to break it down for you below.


It’s clear that other leading joint formulas are lacking many ingredients compared to Instaflex.  Now lets examine each of these all-natural ingredients and talk about why they are so important:

Glucosamine – A major component of joint cartilage.  Various studies have indicated the efficacy of supplementation with Glucosamine in preventing cartilage degeneration.  Instaflex delivers the recommended 1,500 mg of the substance in Glucosamine sulfate form, which is the best type of Glucosamine.

MSM – An organosulfur compound derived from plants, MSM has shown anti-inflammatory properties and has improved joint function in recent clinical trials.

White Willow Bark Extract – This substance is extracted from the bark of willow trees and has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reducer since the 5th Century.  It is also very mild on the digestive system.

Ginger – Most people know that ginger provides multiple health benefits; according to a recent study at the University of Miami, ginger is also more effective than placebo at relieving joint pain.

Boswellia Serrata Extract – Derived from Boswellia trees native to India, the extract has been used in herbal medicine for centuries.  Research has shown that the boswellic acids in the extract inhibit inflammation, which has made it popular in treating those with arthritis.  Other research has suggested that it also improves blood supply to the joint tissue.

Hyaluronan – Found in many tissues throughout the body, the large Hyaluronan molecules are administered to osteoarthritis patients with the intention of lubricating and cushioning affected joints.

Cayenne Pepper – The Capsaicin found in Cayenne Pepper activates endorphins in the body, which act as natural pain killers.  Research has also shown that Capsaicin acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves discomfort in articular joints.

Turmeric Root Extract – Turmeric Root grows natively in the tropical regions of South Asia.  The curcumin found in the extract is responsible for Turmeric’s biological properties, which researchers say include reducing joint destruction and blocking a protein responsible for joint inflammation.

Clearly, when these ingredients are combined correctly, you have a powerful formula, and this is the main reason why no one with joint pain has an excuse to not give the Instaflex trial a shot.


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  • I want to try your product. It comes highly recommended. I have an allergy to shell fish, though, and need to fin out if your Glucosamine contains any trace of shellfish?

    Thank you.

  • Hi I see your ingredients but I need to know if that is all of the stuff in them. I am a celiac and I have a sufite allergy.

  • Hi I see your ingredients but I need to know if that is all of it. I am a celiac and have a sulfite allergy. Thanks

  • I understand that the instaflex is very useful for person like me at the age of 60 yrs and having knee joint pain. I am using Glucosamine tabs but not good effect as being promised with your product. But I can not use your product as it contains gelatine in it and I am being vegeterian hindu and gelatine is firbiden to us. There are many such people like me who are not able to take advantage of good products only due to inclussion of gelatin and or egg or fish ingradient. Is it possible for you to make this instaflex without above mentioned ingradient keeping in view of vegeterian people.

  • I’ve been taking it about a week with great results. I took MoveFree by Schiff for about a month with minimal improvement. My knee hasn’t felt this good in months!
    I got mine on sale ay GNC and take 3 capsules/ day.

  • I have severe acid reflux is instaflex good for me. I also have two knee surgeries, arthritis and possibly gout. What can help me relieve the pain on my toes?

    Thank you for your support


  • Am interested in the product. Please tell me what is gelatine made of and whether fish products are included e.g. shark cartillage, etc. Thank you.

  • I have an allergy to sulfa, is it stll okay to take Instaflex?

  • i need to know what the glucosamine is derived from is it shell fish and are there any other ingredients non plant based

  • I suffer from chronic joint pain in my arms and legs…. I have been taking Gabapentin (3600 mg) a day as well as Tramadol (50mg). I also rub Capcasin on each ailing joint. If the Capcasin was not intense in the external burning I would simply use it. But as I read about your product Instaflex, I am wondering with all I take would this actually do better for me then the above medications? I have had several surgeries to combat chronic ruematoid arthritis, but as with many surgeries the healing may take years. I have been having joint pain for some 15 yrs now. If this is the new miracle product we who suffer from joint pain have been looking for, then I wish to climb on board and let it help me! Thank you Robert Montgomery

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